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Membership size: Over 550,000 members

The Good:

Massive community; ultra-strong site moderations keeps scammers at bay; members are straightforward and open about their requirements.

The Bad:

The strong moderation can work against you sometimes, especially if you've forgotten to complete some section of your profile which may be enough to get you booted-off the site.
Bottom Line

Trendy site that’s grown massively in the last few years. Seeking Arrangement is now more or less THE biggest Sugar Daddy spot out there right now. For those new to this “genre” of dating, it’s a place where girls (or even guys) can meet sugar daddies (mommies) to spoil them. It’s about fun relationships, which are ultimately mutually beneficial.

Full Review

Seeking Arrangement is a sugar daddy type dating site that is intended to create hooks-up between poor but attractive women and rich men. Women on the site are typically searching for a wealthy male benefactor who will help them through college, unemployment or just difficult times.


How Does it Work?

Though it may sound like a site for arranged marriages, it’s actually “anything but”. No room for coyness or modesty here.

You have to say exactly what you are looking for and be prepared to go after it, successful members find this openness and “up-frontery” is the best policy.

Although it’s mostly wealthy older men and young beautiful women who like to be pampered who connect on this site, increasingly, you can find Sugar Mommies looking for a young boy toy to spoil on there.

This is one of just a few niche websites geared toward mutually beneficial relationships between older wealthy people who wish to be paired with a younger partner that they might help support financially. There are several others such as that provide a similar service, though they have slightly fewer members.


Setting up Your Profile

If you’re the sugar baby, the site is for all practical purposes totally free. Sugar Moms and Dads can join for free and create a free profile, though they will have to pay to upgrade to all the features and to be able to communicate. You have to upgrade to a paid account in order to contact the person you’re interested in getting to know.  This will in addition give you the following facilities:

  • Unrestricted access to messages (contact anyone)
  • You will appear near the top when other members search
  • Optional background and identity checks (scam prevention)

The services available are actually fairly basic and low-key in comparison to other sites, however the essentials like searching and emailing are there and work a treat.

They claim on their website that some exceptionally attractive members will be given free complimentary membership. For the rest of us, the prices are fairly steep. Currently, 1 month • $59.95, 3 months • $119.95 and 6 months • $189.95.


Member “Make-up”

They also claim that about 80% of members are female, so sugar daddies looking for a beautiful woman shouldn’t have a difficult time finding a match. That said, this also means that there is quite a bit of competition for the female sugar babies on the site.

While the prettiest are most successful, the rest have to make do with what they can get.

Join Free Now!

Price List 2013

Full access 1 Month 3 Months  6 Months
Cost $59.95 $119.95 $189.95
Monthly $59.95 $39.98 $31.65

Full Website Feature List

  • Create photo ad
  • Internal emailing and messaging
  • Private photo galleries
  • Customized searches
  • Create list of favorites
  • Send virtual kisses and winks

To sum up offers most of the features you’d expect from a traditional dating service. You can upload profile pictures and search easily. You can also send email through their system to keep your real email address private. The site’s security features do offer some protectection to help keep your personal details safe.

In my opinion, if you’re interested in this type of mutually beneficial relationship, a niche dating service such as this would be a better choice for you than a traditional one.

One Comment


    More than 60% of women on here are average and 40% are ugly.
    More than 70% are career prostitutes. They like to call themselves mistresses when by definition a mistress is exclusive to one man and not multiple men like these online prostitutes are hooking for . Many are hoping to marry rich men and seldom this happen. How many rich men will be online looking for a prostitute wife. How many rich men want to be seen with a whore that has countless men into into her p*ssy. Rich men have big egos and don’t want their future wives to be former whores/prositutes/Sugar whores . Sugar whores = sugar babies and the word whore is for those women that are just too old to be one. Babies is someone that is in their late teens to their 20’s Only 10% of the women on this site are not prosititutes , but the majority are career prostitutes. Abour 25% are part-time prositutes such as school teaachers that cannot make ends meet.

    Many of these Sugar whores are full of scams. Most have teenage pregnancies and most have criminal records. All these women know what this site is really about. It is not dating/companionship. There is sites for this and SeekingArrangement and all of the Brandon Wade’s online sites are prostitution sites. Why men pay so much money for these women to just date them?? . Get real. It is to fuck them for fun. Men come on this site because their wives/girlfriend refuse to do the kinky/dirty sex with them, men wants to play out their fantasies, men with mid life crisis, men with mental issues, men with narcissisitic personality disorders, or the worst case ugly men that cannot get fuck by anyone else and they come on this site. If we men want to date, we go on dating sites or married men take their wives out and why they pay so much money to a sugar whore to have consersation at expensive restaurants and a huge budget for shopping spree. This is a pay for sex site . Moat women are average to below .Some looks so horrible after they remove their layers of heavy makeup. Did I get ripoff big time? YES. a

    ONly less than 1% on these sites that there will ever be a rich men willing to marry a whore.. Many of the very rich guys are married and they don’t intend to leave their wives for whores. If any of the men are dumb enough to do so, then they find out in a short period of time they made a big mistake. We men think with our dicks and not our brains. When the dick have enough fun and when reality sinks in , most of us really feel that we made a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Men think SEX first. They fall in love with the wrong women because of great sex . In a short period of time some of us realized we don’t even like that whore and mistaken the great sex as great chemistry and common interest . Some of us may start think with our brains as our wallets are quickly drained by these very shallow whores. They tell you what you want to hear and they fake all their orgasms to make you feel like a stud. Everything fake, so unless you need sex very badly, you better off with a dating site to meet non career prostitutes. ……………………………….

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