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The Good:

Loads of people to choose from. Simple to get started and start mingling. Certified status means you know who's genuine.

The Bad:

The site has far more women than men (a plus for guys!). You don't get much on the free account.
Bottom Line

MillionaireMatch has a massive number of followers. If you’re young and beautiful, they want you. If you are old and rich, they want you. If you’re something “in between”, well there’s probably something for you too!

Matchmaking for Millionaires is nothing new. What’s different about MillionaireMatch is that it sets out to bring together wealthy people with others who are of more modest means. So basically you can either be rich, or looking for someone who’s already “made it” so to speak.

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This mix seemed a bit odd to me at first. Wouldn’t a rich high flier would want to meet someone in the same social circle? Well not always, so the site owners say. Sometimes these “executive types” look for excitement and kicks by meeting people from other, more humble backgrounds.

You Don’t Have to Be Rich!

Not everyone on this site is a Millionaire. But you get the basic meaning of it after a few minutes browsing around. There are plenty who’re financially comfortable and like to show it. These tend to by young, fast living guys under 45. The entrepreneur types. These are self-made successful men.

What these guys are after is a woman who’s glam and exciting – but not necessarily minted.

Then there are those who are what I’d call “obscenely rich”. And by that I mean, yachts, several luxury houses, sports cars and so on. And don’t they like to tell everyone about it! These are usually bald, fat middle aged men. Sorry, but that’s the way I found it.

They have a section called “member’s luxuries”. That sort of showcases who has the biggest, fanciest car or other toy. It’s kind of fun, but a bit tasteless. It reminds me of bragging kids: “mine’s bigger than yours!”.

They also have another bunch of people on there. I call them “beautiful and successful singles”. These people aren’t rich in the financial sense. They are blessed with good looks, glamorous careers or just mix in celebrity circles. These are mostly young, extremely attractive women.

That cliché of the the older wealthy guy, and the glamorous poor girl is everywhere on MillionaireMatch.

Yet it’s is a world apart from sites like SeekingArrangement. This is one I reviewed the other week. MillionaireMatch isn’t supposed to be for people who’re looking for a friends with benefits type of thing. Or one night stands. At least not officially.

What MillionaireMatch do is aimed towards people getting together for romance. Rather than a short, but exciting fling.

Certified Millionaires

So you’re probably one of two types: Rich, or looking for someone who already is. For the wealthy ones, they have a whole load of hoops to jump through if they want to get fully certified. By this, I mean if they want to get certified Millionaire status, they have to send:

  • Photo Identity documents
  • Proof of income – either their job or other income
  • Proof of assets – what they have

The site does this for valid reasons. To stop fakers from flooding the site, making up stories about how much they have. Those types can still be there. I came across a few. The certification tells you who’s been checked-out and who hasn’t.

So if you come across someone who promises you the world, but turns-out to be flipping burgers for a living, you only have yourself to blame. If they don’t have the badge on their profile, you could be talking to a welfare case for all you know.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t talk to someone just because they don’t have that little diamond badge. What I’m saying is just use your own judgment.

Things To Look Out For on The Site

banner1223MillionaireMatch has a huge following. It’s been running well over a decade. You can pretty much go on there night or day and there’s a bunch of people to talk to. The blog and the chat area are where there’s a lot of casual chit-chat. But the real nuts and bolts of the site are in the searching and matchmaking bits and pieces.

First up, the profiles. There are several things on there that make MillionaireMatch stand out from the crowd.

Request to chat This sends your friend an email to say you’re interested in chatting with them. This is handy. Because if they’re not online, you can’t engage them in live chat. The only option is email. What I found is a lot of people on there just use the chat system – finding email conversations too slow and non spontaneous.

First date ideas: Next up people can list what they would do on a first date. I find this more eye-opening than a long and boring monolog about someone’s life. You get an idea of what they’re into.

Public comments: This can be both good and bad. People can comment on each other’s wall. Sort of like Facebook. That’s fine so long as you don’t annoy someone!

MillionaireMatch responsibly has an strong set of security options. Like blocking people entirely. You can even block people from appearing in your searches – once blocked they become invisible!

Going For “Gold”

You’ll get to a point – after a few days in my case – where you just get frustrated on MillionaireMatch. As a basic member, who and what you can do is carefully blocked. It’s done so you see just enough to be tempted, but you just can’t do those things you need to do to get on and meeting someone.

You can use the search, send winks and reply to paid users. But that’s as far as the basic account will take you.

The premium upgrade is aptly called “Gold membership”. This lifts all these restrictions and lets you get on with flirting and chatting with people.

What happens when you upgrade is that your profile gets an immediate boost. What I found is the number of emails I was getting increased right “off the bat”.

This is because your pictures show up at a higher place in the search page. If you’re lucky you might also pop up in the featured profiles that show up on the suggestions area – “people you might like”.

The other good thing is that you can use the mobile site without annoying blocks and redirects.

Price List 2013

  • 1 month – $60.00
  • 3 months – $120.00
  • 6 months – $180.00

Full Website Feature List

  • Priority appearance in searches
  • Ability to communicate with anyone
  • Access to live chat
  • Extended searching
  • Personal counselor
  • Full access to mobile site and app
  • Extended compatibility features
  • See who’s interested in you or who’s been viewing you
  • Get certified
  • 24×7 help and support


MillionaireMatch is certainly one of the biggest brand names in wealthy dating. It has grown this big by constantly adding new features and attracting a core of high quality members. Successful men and women who’re financially well off can meet people from other walks of life. And on the other hand, the glamorous but not so well off can use the site to get acquainted with highly influential people.

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    leira tendo

    hy am 30 looking for a guy who is willing to shower me love not money am ready to love him contact me


    Hey guys any millionaire around who is ready not to give me riches but lots of love and care with always a smile ready to get real thing like family please do contact me am 29yrs old


    people not find 8 year
    false profile !


    A Great useful Dating SIte


    Hi.sara here. Single parent of two sons.Wants to meet a God fearing man good and trusted.someone who can support me mentally, emotionally and financially. Not a lier or fraud.

    Tina Greze

    Can I get a millionaire? Damn, I think I can. I am freaking sexy and I know how to impress a guy. $60 per month. Really? Well, I will spend this. It`s a serious matter of my life. Guys the sexiest girl is coming on you way. Hold tight 😉

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