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The Good:

Good social activities, interest groups and forums. Totally free. Befefits those in towns/cities as you can find the vibe and goings on in your local area.

The Bad:

Irritating popops every time you navigate to the home page, prompts you for location, user base on the small side. No activity under the sections for sparsely populated areas.
Bottom Line

It’s all arranged by towns, cities and districts so you can go specifically to your own area, see who is about and what is going on. This is fine if you live in a major city or suburb, however not so good for those who live further out. Nevertheless, Metrodate works well, and being totally free it does mean there’s no commitment, subscriptions or charges. If you can put up with a few ads, you’ll be ok. is a completely free dating service that is designed for those living in cities. It has members across the world, but is most prominent in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Searching for someone close to you is easy with the city search tool, and plus there are some forums and interest groups.

I’d say, Metrodate is one of the few decent 100% free dating sites on the internet right now. Because it’s focused on specific metropolitan areas, it can help you find someone in your local town or city – this is especially useful if you don’t know many people in the area and are looking to widen your circle of friends.

Area Groups: Because Metrodate works on a regional groups, it does mean, however, that some smaller towns may not be represented (I looked under a random selection and about half of which were empty). In this case, you’ll find that your matches are in the metro area closest to you. However, you’re certainly free to search for matches anywhere on using the tools provided.


Features: The site is offered in 13 different languages, so there’s never any difficulty communicating. It is extremely user friendly, so you’ll have no trouble getting to work on finding a match right away. One thing I did find irritating however is that every time you go to the home page it keeps prompting you to enter your location (your country followed by city or zip code).

Searching: Metrodate has a very good search engine and, once you’ve found some people you’re interested in getting to know, you can email them or send a virtual flirt. There are also chat rooms, video chat and voicemail to make it easy for you to communicate in the way that is best for you. The “interests and activities section” makes it easy to find someone who shares your interests.

The community: You can expect to find people with a wide range of requests here, including those looking for extramarital affairs as well as people who are single and looking for a quick hook up or a long term relationship.

It’s wise to make sure your profile is clear about what you seek in order to avoid getting matched with someone who is looking for something totally different. As with any free site, it’s advisable to be extra vigilant for scammers.

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    Now this is something that I haven’t seen before and think that the premise of the idea is actually quite clever. I am sure that there is a percentage of people out there who don’t want to find out that those who they are compatible with live in different countries and would much rather find matches close to home. I think that this website does a pretty good job of promoting this and this is probably why it is so popular.

    Like you said however, not being able to find matches if you are out of the metro areas is really irritating. But this is something that could be implemented later on perhaps if they are finding that there is great success in the bigger cities. Or perhaps give users a way to allow for them to pick the city that is closest to them.

    Now there isn’t a whole lot said about the features of the website other than that you can video chat, instant message, send e-mails and virtual flirts which is all fine and good, but is that all? I think that this site would probably be better off it were able to implement in some features that other major dating sites have…. but in a unique way that emphasizes on certain areas within major cities. So take for instance, if people live in a big city and their favourite place to go to for a meal and a drink is such and such, they should be able to list this as a tag, and other people should be able to put these types of things in their profiles so that other people can search people who have like minded, “hang outs,” within the city – it would provide a good meeting ground later on if they decide to meet up.

    It is great that the community is full of various opportunities.

    I like this website, I think it serves its purpose well.

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