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Online since: 2001

The Good:

You can be totally relaxed, without worrying what people think. Mingle with people who admire your curves

The Bad:

The website can be slow sometimes. The membership is a bit pricy.
Bottom Line

Totally relaxed site – if you’re bigger than average size or just like a bit of meat to grab hold of, this is worth a look. Lets you mingle with plus sized men and women easily. You won’t feel left out, people are welcoming and friendly.

Full Review

Overweight or just more to cuddle? Whatever you want to call it, there’s no getting around the fact that plenty of us have a few extra pounds these days. Especially just after the festive season!

Anyway, LargeFriends was started by a group of people who where just fed up with the “thin is hot” attitudes you get on a lot of dating websites.

Seach and signup form:

I remember when they first started a few years back they did have a lot of really big people, Now more and more it’s just ordinary folk. These are men and women who’re fed up with fixations on body image and the like.

You don’t have to be “300 pounds” to use the site or anything. But what you will find is people who’re more appreciative of the full figured woman or man for that matter.

LargeFriends is a site run by a company called “Successful Match”. They give people a standard layout and user experience. While it’s not the prettiest site in the world, I found it fairly easy to use.


The main thing is can you get on with your main goal which is in meeting someone special. I found it pretty simple to get the hang of, and start bringing up matches in my area.

More Details

Joining Club “LargeFriends”

Signing up: To get started, just complete the simple registration page. All you need is an email address and a user name. There’s no need to pay to play or anything like that. It’s not a free site, but you can get a good peek inside on the free access account.

How To “Stand Out From the Crowd”

One thing I like about Successful Match sites it they do have an optional identity verification. I say optional because nobody has to do this. But if you do, it means you get a badge on your profile that you can show off. But honestly, people do take you more seriously – as you’re not likely to be a scammer.

You don’t have to be “300 pounds” to use the site or anything. But what you will find is people who’re more appreciative of the full figured woman or man for that matter.

There’s a few choices with this verification. Either just get your photos verified, or get the full seal of approval on your profile. Either way, you’ll need to send them some documents so they can check out you are who you say you are.

Is it worth it? If you’re going to be using the site a lot then yes definitely. If you’re paying for membership, having this extra boost makes it worthwhile.

The other point is, standing out on dating sites is getting harder and harder these days. There’s always a bunch of new people joining every day.

Mingle with big people

Anything that can make your profile stand out from the crowd is a good thing in my view.

Creating Your Searches

When it comes to the search system, LargeFriends gives you two choices. The simple search: here you are just using basic criteria like age, sex and their location. Then, going beyond that there’s the advanced search. The snag is, to use the advanced panel, you have to be upgraded.

It just happens that the things in the advanced search are those goodies that you really want: Let me explain:

  • Blocking out profiles without photos
  • Checking last login time
  • Showing only verified members
  • Searching for people matching a certain body type

All of these things will be “grayed out” when you are a standard member.

So basically, those things that make life that much easier are out of reach to those who’re using free access.

Being Sociable

One thing I found useful was the social chat area. This is basically nothing more than a free for all, where you can rant or rave as much as you like about stuff. People in this area are not necessarily looking for dates or romance. Just play it slow, and use it as a place to make friends. They usually have one or two lively conversations going on.

BBW Counselor/Expert – Your Own Mentor

One of the more quirky thing they do is give you “a mentor”. This is someone that will help you on the road to meeting someone. Things the do are:

  • Give you tips on you profile
  • Attracting more attention
  • Putting up your best photos
  • How to make the most of the communication
  • Tips on writing to people

And so on. It’s actually a good idea if you are new or a bit rusty on the dating scene. Even if you aren’t what it can do is make you look at yourself from someone else’s eyes.

You can take their advice or leave it naturally.

Can You Succeed?

When it comes to BBW sites, there aren’t that many to choose from. At least not ones that are more than about sex. LargeFriends is one of the more populated ones that I’ve used. Not only that they’ve been around for ages – so they aren’t going anywhere soon.

There’s a huge variety of men and women on there. They aren’t all looking for marriage. Some by the way are just after casual sorts of relationships. But if you go in there just being yourself, you stand a real good chance of finding someone you click with.

Price List 2013

Gold upgrade Full cost
1 Month $29.95 billed in one payment
3 Months $59.95 billed in one payment
6 Months $95.95 billed in one payment

Full Feature List

  • Video profiles
  • Search with extended criteria
  • Create a free photo ad
  • Email/Instant Messenger
  • Create list of favorites
  • Get listed first
  • Community & social, e.g. forum and chat arena
  • Identity Verification
  • Mobile access – smartphone version + apps

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    good site


    In my real life I had a lot of friends. I worst thing happened couple of months ago. My best friend cheated with me. I was frustrated and still feel bad when I remember that day. Anyways I am here to find a friend who will be worth keeping. I am pretty interested after reading this post. I think this is the best way I have now. Will see what happened.

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