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Tons of features, big singles community, 24x7 helpline, mobile site access.

The Bad:

Free users can't send mail...
Bottom Line

InterracialMatch is one of oldest and biggest sites where you can date across racial boundaries. You don’t have to be specific about ethnicity but can meet anyone of any color. They have a decent free trial account that lets you put yourself out there. The pay account offers “high end” dating that will let you find people who are compatible on any level and who live close by. Mobile access is available too.


Love is color blind they say and InterracialMatch sets out to prove that. There are a few websites out there dedicated to dating between races but InterracialMatch as far as I am aware is the oldest and the biggest.

As with other sites in this niche there’s no rule book. InterracialMatch is an open arena where members are left to form their own relationships. Most people on IM describe their ideal partner on their profile pages and some even say what their racial preferences are if any. Others are more guarded and leave their chances to fate.

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Creating a Good Profile

You won’t be able to do very much on this site until you actually create your own profile. Fortunately that’s an easy step. You just need to fill in a few particulars about yourself on the secure signup form. Then once you confirm your email address belongs to you you’re away.


If you don’t add enough detail to your profile you’ll be reminded to do so. A banner pops up telling you which parts haven’t been filled in!

This is a good idea because it does compel you to describe yourself fully. This increases the chances of actually meeting someone rather than stumbling across them by hap chance.

If writing isn’t your thing, you can upload an introduction video of yourself and explain everything there. Videos are a great way to introduce yourself because there are things that just don’t come across as well in writing.

Finding your Interracial Mate

With the profile out of the way you’ll want to start scoping around to see if anyone catches your eye.

If writing isn’t your thing, you can upload an introduction video of yourself and explain everything there.

The Searches

InterracialMatch has no less than seven different ways for you to find your love interest. The first three are open to free members. These include your bog standard searches like matching on age, sex and country/state. There’s also a username search.

Most of the other search settings are locked up until you become a full (paid up) member.

For full members the advanced search lets you look for people by the following:

  • How far away they live
  • If they have a photo
  • Relationship status
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type

As well as a bunch of other settings that you can use to really find the person who matches your preferences. This can save a lot of time in scanning through tons of profiles of people who really aren’t such a good match.

As a bonus, full members get some more powerful matching tools at their disposal. Some of them use the website’s own matching formula to try to help you find the one. Here’s a snippet of what’s available:

Compatible matches – will tell you who matches you on a personality and relationship level
Reverse matches – will tell you exactly who is on the lookout for someone like you
New members – will alert you of the new joiners so that you can introduce yourself

Another point worth mentioning is the “sort by” button you’ll find at the top of the page whenever you do a search. When you sort by “Activity Date” this lets you see who’s been recently active on the site. There’s nothing worse than building your hopes up for someone and then realizing they haven’t visited in over three years. This option helps you avoid this.

The Comment Area

One of the unusual things about InterracialMatch is that it gives members the chance to publicly comment on and leave feedback about dates they’ve had.

You can write something about people you’ve met and people who’ve met you can do the same. These appear in your public comment area. There are restrictions on what you’re allowed to post. For example no personal details or contact details allowed and insults are strictly forbidden.

This part of the profile sort of works like your Facebook comment area. You have full control over this and can remove anything you don’t like.

Lists and Communities


Online dating can be time consuming and sometimes a little confusing. To handle the “administrative side” of your efforts, InterracialMatch provides the following lists:

  • Who winked at me (and the reverse)
  • Who emailed me (and the reverse)
  • Who viewed me (and the reverse)
  • Who I’ve chatted with

There are some others that are available to full members including who’s looked at your picture.

I’ve used these lists and they do come in handy. You might have messaged someone a few months ago but forgotten who they were. Or worse forgotten you’ve written to someone and then send them a new introduction message. This helps you avoid those little mishaps.


InterracialMatch isn’t just for dating. There’s also a forum where people just chat freely and introduce themselves. Anyone can join in. You don’t have to be a member.

Some free members do use it as an alternative dating area. The activity is fairly free flowing though and there isn’t any particular format.

To Recap

InterracialMatch is a big site with a lot of technology in place to help you meet people – probably far more than most people would ever use. There’s a decent level of access given with the free account and this lets you see if you want to go further. You can search, bookmark people, see who likes you and wink at people for free.

Realistically though if you want to meet someone on InterracialMatch you don’t have a lot of choice but to upgrade.  You can’t freely message people and you can’t access the advanced matchmaking technology that the site offers. Paid users can also use the website from their mobile phones. Price List

Gold account 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Upgrade amount $29.95 $59.95 $95.95
Each month $29.99 $19.95 $15.95

Full Feature List

  • Detailed profiles
  • Advanced matches
  • Compatible matches
  • Distance search
  • Reverse matches
  • Forum
  • Send interest/winks
  • Create friend lists and favorite profiles
  • Intro videos
  • Who’s viewed/winked/seen me
  • Mobile access
  • 24×7 helpline

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