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The Good:

Good crowd, easy to mix and mingle with people. The only requirement is a love of Latin culture.

The Bad:

Those who're used to sites where matches are thrust upon you may take a bit of time to get used to the less formal style.
Bottom Line

If you’re serious about getting in on some Latin love action, ColombianCupid is the way to go. They don’t go in for the whole matchmaking thing. Users are pretty much left to their own devices. Good if you want to meet a Latina wife, or husband for that matter. There’s a big crowd of members here – upwards of quarter of a million online, ready and waiting. The tagging system helps you to get together with like-minded people and extends the use of the basic profile searching.

ColombianCupid was first created as an online getaway for sociable Colombian women and men to hookup, get together and possibly find themselves a new lover, girlfriend or husband. Nowadays it’s frequented by as many people outside Colombia as inside.

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In my review, I found the website both fascinating and addictive. ColombianCupid, once you understand how to use it is seductive and sexy, and has a massive dose of South American charm.

How to Be “In the Know” at ColombianCupid

My first reaction to ColombianCupid is that it’s a progressive website. Happily, they have few controls or interventions with the private goings-on between members. Now if you’re like most people you’ll feel that’s a good thing. Right?

In my first session on the website what I discovered is there’s a heck of a lot of men who go there hoping to meet up with those beautiful Colombian babes.

Unlike a lot of sites these days – which annoy me – they don’t stick their noses in where it’s not wanted. They just leave members to get on with the important task of flirting and getting to know each other.

That’s not to say the site isn’t supervised. They do have a lot of safety and privacy settings. These are in place to keep your private life out of the hands of scammers and troublemakers.

Looking for Your Next Spouse?

In my first session on the website what I discovered is there’s a heck of a lot of men who go there hoping to meet up with those beautiful Colombian babes. As far as international marriages go, Latin wives are one of the most sought after by Western men. Why? As well as their sultry looks, Latin ladies are known around the globe for their passion, loyalty and conservative values (see a showcase of the hottest). So it’s not surprising these women are in high demand around the world.

Here’s the cross section of users I found in my little site survey:

  • European/US men looking for South American brides – approx 39%
  • Colombian women – 23%
  • Colombian men – 14%
  • Local people looking for chat only – 7%
  • People wanting friendship or pen pal type relationships – 3%
  • Everyone else – 14%

If you’ve ever visited those sleazy looking “Latin bride” websites, who’s main mission is to get you to buy into an expensive foreign trip or pay exorbitant fees for dubious human translators, you’ll find ColombianCupid a refreshing change.

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Firstly, there’s no requirement or assumption that you’re looking for your next wife or husband. The site caters to casual daters as well as those looking for marriage or a life-partner type. There’s isn’t any pressure or need to meet or contact a certain number of people. There aren’t any credits or surcharges for other stuff. If you choose to go premium class (which is optional by the way) you pay a flat membership fee – that’s it.

Using up “the Freebies”

You can join the site for free. But to use the premium features of the site like video chat and unlimited email, you’ll need a paid membership. There is an exception to this rule. If you’re new and haven’t yet paid you can always freely contact any full member. By full I mean someone who’s already gone upwards and beyond with a Gold or Platinum account.

I found this to be a big plus. Because you can start talking to people right off the bat. Unlike many other dating sites, you don’t have to go all in and whip out your plastic before you’ve even spoken to anyone, let alone met them.

You can view the site in English or Spanish. For Platinum members there is also email translation software to help with those awkward and embarrassing misunderstandings. You’ll be able to communicate with your new friends whatever language they speak.

Free stuff

  • Add a photo profile
  • Browse and look around
  • Create favorites
  • Send flirts
  • Email premium members
  • Full searching
  • Get verified
Additional access on upgrade

  • Contact anyone on site
  • Video chat
  • Watch people’s private videos
  • Extras such as translators
  • Include a personality profile
  • Use chat rooms
  • Get priority appearance on the site

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What Can You Do with ColombianCupid?

The services on ColombianCupid have been well tried and tested on other Cupid sites. In a social community like this, there can be a challenge in standing out from the crowd. Given that there’s a huge populace of users. This makes understanding what you can do to give yourself the edge ever more important.

One thing that I’d recommend is using the tagging system. This allows you to tag yourself, much like twitter hash tags. I’m a keen beach volleyball player – and just putting in a few tags related to my hobby brought in some surprising connections with people I’d never otherwise have found. The good thing about this is that it’s free format. You’re not constrained by what’s in a list or a check box like you are on many other sites.

If like me you do decide to go all in and upgrade, you’ll hugely open up your chances of meeting real Colombian people. For less than a price of a big pizza, it comes at a reasonable cost considering what you get. As well as unrestricted email and live online chat, it also unlocked video messaging and enhanced personalty searches.

My Opinion

Whether you’re a Colombian or just want to meet someone down in that part of the world, there aren’t too many choices as far as online personals sites go. ColombianCupid stands out as a decent, well populated site that genuinely has a mission of bringing people together. I found some “trashy” profiles there but you get these all over.

The selection of singles, both men women, Colombian and individuals from other continents is unmatched and is the biggest bonus. The website has a vibrant Latin flavor with a lot of saucy chat and photos being exchanged amongst it’s members. I liked the free and open atmosphere, and found it a lot less oppressive than some of the Latin marriage sites I’ve reviewed. So if you’re looking for a Colombian Miss, or a Latin lover, go take a peek at ColombianCupid.

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