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The Good:

It's upfront with its promise of what's on offer. A place where the unfaithful can fulfill their wishes. If you're going to have an affair, you'd just as well do it online.

The Bad:

Privacy controls can get in the way of making contacts with people. When you put a block on who can see your photos - as most do - it reduces your chances of meeting people.
Bottom Line

It’s big and brash and advertises a “solution” for those people wanting an affair. You no longer have to sneak around having an office fling. Ashley Madison brings together people with the same aim in mind: to cheat on their significant other.

Full Review

If you asked me a few years ago if I thought a website for cheating would catch-on, I’d probably have laughed out loud. But could it be the people at Ashley Madison know a thing or two the rest of us don’t? With subscriptions from married women rocketing, it’s apparently the in “place to go” for the modern woman who wants to “meet to cheat”. In short, no strings fun, without the messy hangups of a relationship.


Used the Wedding Planner, Time for the “Affair Planner”!

It’s easy to see the appeal of this website. Selling itself as a professional affair “organizer”? A clean business like solution. A “quick fix” to those messy, complicated relationship problems in our busy lives. Just put up your discreet ad, and hey presto.

But what type of person uses it? Judging by the site’s following, it seems many ordinary folk.

GQ Magazine tells us the most common career of the male cheater is Banking. While the most common career of the female adulteresses is Teacher. That surprised me! What you’ll find are:

  • Married/attached people who just want to cheat
  • Married/attached people looking to switch out of a bad relationship
  • A large percentage are singles. These are people who want to be that other woman or man

One thing I’ve learned from doing this: When it comes to matters of unfaithfulness, there’s a lot of hype and gossip that gets around online. I certainly don’t believe all of it. But some things do ring true. Most of us are guilty of double standards. By that, I mean nearly everyone you ask will tell you they believe betraying your spouse is morally wrong.

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Yet some figures suggest a whopping 72% of people will be unfaithful. That is at some point in at least one of their relationships. And contrary to popular belief women are at least as likely to be unfaithful as men. They just go about it in a more subtle ways.


Privacy Cover: Stay Anonymous Till the Last Minute

Privacy is a major sticking point on Ashley Madison. It’s no surprise that many people don’t want to reveal who they are at the start. A few cheeky – or shameless people do show off their photos. They’re up on their dating profiles for all to see. Hey, I guess they just feel “if my wife – or husband – is surfing around on here, they’re as guilty as I am”.


But most just show the anonymous male-female gendered cartoon figure. If you want to find out their true identity, that means striking up a conversation with them. And just maybe when they trust you, they’ll give you the key to their private photo locker.

Your Private Photo Locker

The private showcase is one of the ways Ashley Madison gets around the sticky problem of photos. It’s a born-out fact that having some pictures is a necessary part of modern internet dating. Cheating websites are no different. I’ve talked about this before in my other reviews. If you’ve read my other pieces at you’ll know just what I mean.

If you’re unwilling to show yourself, few people will be interested in getting to know you. What the private photo showcase does is say: “Hey, I’ve got pictures. Talk to me and you can see them.”. On a site like this, you have to be cautious about those who brandish their photos for all to see. They could be fakers.


Why Women Won’t Pay On Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison works a tad different to other dating services. At the time of writing, females don’t have to pay. Is that a ploy by the company?

While women may be up for an affair, they certainly don’t expect to have to pay for it. That’s the reality gentlemen. This simple idea is what keeps places like Ashley Madison in business. Other lesser known affair websites have tried charging females the same fees as men. The result? A shortfall of women subscribers!

Ashley Madison’s website is what I’d call minimalist. At least by the standards of others in this genre I’ve tried. They give you a few ways to communicate: email, a live chat box, and sending flirts. But that’s all.

Waiting for email replies can be long and boring. But there is the live messenger. What this does is let you chat with someone who’s online. You chat one-on-one with them.


Fantasy Date – Take it with a Pinch of Salt

They have this wacky thing on there called Fantasy Date. What this basically means is you can disguise your identity and show yourself at the same time – if that makes sense. It lets you take one of your photos, and put a “fantasy mask” on it that obsures your identity. I didn’t get it at first. But it’s not difficult once you start.

The fantasy part is really just a backdrop to the chat box. There’s a few scenes you can pick. I chose the yacht and the bedroom scenes for my chats. A bit cheesy, but hey I wasn’t complaining. Once you get chatting your thoughts soon focus on the man – or woman – you’re with. You forget you’re chatting through a message box and you immerse yourself in your conversation.

With the fantasy date it’s safe because you’re at home – work or where ever. In my case, wrapped up in bed with my laptop, PJs on and a cup of cocoa to keep me warm.

Price List 2013

WomenNo charges–

Full access Introduction Elite Affair Guarantee
Men $49 $145 $240

Full Feature List

  • Put up photo ad
  • Private email
  • Private photo showcase
  • Detailed searches
  • Create list of favorites
  • Winks & flirts
  • See who’s interested

Teasers, Teasers!

Women can send as many emails as they like, to anyone! For men, it all uses up their credits. So choose wisely. What I discovered after talking to other guys on there is that quite a number of women are “teasers”. Perhaps they’re bored! Maybe they’re lonely and want to boost their ego. Hey we all know there’s a hundred-and-one reasons why people sign-up on these places.

Have an Affair

If your girl is leading you on, it’s not too hard to spot. Just ask plain and straight for a dinner-date or some other intimate meeting and see what she has to say. She’ll soon reveal her motives, once she realizes you mean business.


All in All: Can You Make Ashley Madison Work?

Well that wraps up my review on Ashley Madison. A place where the “meet to cheat” idea is being seen as a new dating model. Is this just the 21st century’s answer to an age old problem? A taboo that’s gone on for ages? In past times married people would meet a secret lover in the office or on the bus. The new digital generation wants to have things arranged quickly, efficiently and with certainty. In a business like way. That’s where Ashley Madison fits in.

What was once going on behind closed doors, is now packaged, and promoted and can be bought for a price. What are your thoughts?

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    I was married once but I had several relationships when I was younger. I always loved to date a married woman. Nowadays it`s little hard to get with a married woman because I lost the self confidence. Well, this website brought a second and third or forth chance in my life. I am going to have fun guys. 😀

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